Industrialization in Orissa took shape for the first time during 1956 in form of Pilot Projects, when the govt. offered incentive and invited entrepreneurs to set up their enterprises. Then govt. offered substantial quantities of controlled raw materials to the entrepreneur to make the enterprises viable. To take the advantage of such incentive many traders set up enterprises in the state and virtually controlled the industrial sector between 1956-75. Mean while govt. of India announced "Half a million job program" through SSI sector and subsequently the state govt. invited the educated youth to be a partner to state Industrialization. During this period many unemployed educated youth along with many technocrats' graduates, and even large numbers of employed personal, took up this clarion call and jumped to set up their enterprise. During this period many young entrepreneurs availed finance from OSFC and subsequently from OSIC. Due to lack of experience, the entrepreneur faced lots of departmental hurdles, by which the implementation of projects were inordinately delayed. Looking in to the difficulties, a group of young entrepreneur decided to form a state level Association to guide and help the entrepreneurs, who were the First Generation Entrepreneurs. Thus OYEA act was formed during 1976 and registered under Society Act bearing Registration No.9315/794 dated 14.01.1956 at its Head Quarter at Industrial Estate Cuttack and subsequently district chapter were established.


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